Trees teach the lesson of sacrifice in that they not only bear fruits while they are alive, but also give away their body to be used as firewood once life goes out of them. Amongst teachers, a tree is the greatest.

~ Sri Sathya Sai, Sep 29, 2000

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User Access

  • Participants can capture only photos of a newly planted tree, or sapling.
  • Long lasting varieties of trees are preferred and they must be planted in Mother Earth, not in pots.
  • Selfies or photos with human faces will not be verified.
  • Participants are required to give geolocation and camera permission to take the photos.
  • Your location and camera will be used only when you take photos of the plant.
  • Your photos will be verified after uploading. Any improper visuals will be removed.
  • Any kind of spamming will lead to the disabling of your account.

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